FEZA ENGINEERING has a say in the field of washing and dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, vacuum cleaners and small home appliances companies of white goods companies, especially in the automotive sector, companies that design products for their subsidiary industries, companies that make military and yacht industry and industrial production. It cuts and converts its products, which it has supplied directly by partnership with companies such as 3M, Nitto, Lohman, and according to the requested dimensions in our latest model precision cutting machines according to the needs of its customers.

PP Seperators are one of the most preferred separators in enterprises operating in industrial activities. They are preferred separators especially in automotive, white goods, defense, electronics, medical, retail, food and beverage industries. It ensures that parts and products produced in these sectors are stored safely and without touching each other.

It is the most suitable method for the transportation of functional parts. It can be designed for existing boxes as well as with the box.
If the existing boxes are intended to be used in future projects, they are designed as a tight fit without being mounted on the box. Foldable separators can also be designed for foldable boxes.
In addition to preventing the parts from touching each other, it also enables the parts to be suspended from certain points and transported.


Long lasting and robust

Lower costs

Stacking is also economical

Special size and design options

Practical layout creation

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