FEZA ENGINEERING, which is directly supplied by the companies that have a say in their field, to the companies that design products for the electronics, white goods, small home appliances companies and their sub-industries, the military and yacht industry, industrial production companies , especially in the automotive sector, It can produce corex and dunnage (aluminum or plastic support material) boxes from polypropylene plates, according to the needs of the customers in different color and thickness options. Special designs can be made by applying interior coating with different textile materials in line with customer demands.

PP Seperators are one of the most preferred separators in enterprises operating in industrial activities. They are preferred separators especially in automotive, white goods, defense, electronics, medical, retail, food and beverage industries. It ensures that parts and products produced in these sectors are stored safely and without touching each other.

In addition to preventing the parts from touching each other, it also enables the parts to be suspended from certain points and transported.

COREX DUNNAGE CASES - feza engineering, VHB heat transfer tapes, acrylic tapes, velcro tapes, foam tapes, carrier tapes, non-carrier tapes, double-sided tapes, surface protection tapes, EPDM, PE, EVA, CR, NR, SBR, press cutting, Roll cutting, Laser cut kisscut die
FEZA ENGINEERING, epdm gasket, VHB heat transfer tapes, acrylic tapes, velcro tapes, foam tapes, with or without carrier, tapes, single sided or double sided tapes, surface protection tapes, different heat resistance, pore structure, tensile strength. By importing EPDM, PE, EVA, CR, NR, SBR materials; It cuts and converts it in the latest model press cutting, roll cutting, laser cutting machines in line with the request of its customers.